Window Screen Repair Kit Tape

  • STRONG ADHESIVE- BafloTEX High-quality repair kit tape perform the strong adhesive and waterproof function which able to stick on the window screen perfectly and keep a long lasting on the screen surface
  • EASY TO USE- quick repair steps on the broken window screen, the fix installation only takes few minutes, and there is no complicated operation. Be able to cut the tape in your desired size
  • LOW COST&DURABLE- No need for buying a new window or door screen to replace the broken screen, save your money on fixing. Size in 2"x15', the length is longer than other tapes and capable to cover more area
  • GOOD PROTECTION- the window screen is made of high-quality durable fiberglass, which has high/low-temperature resistant(-4℉~140℉), No hazardous
  • WIDE APPLICATION- our repair kit tape can be applied in broken screens caused by tears and scratches from pets, also ideal for door or window screen, tent mesh, and other broken screen conditions. Note: our repair kit tape's color is black, please ensure your screen color before purchasing

Have a hole on your screen?

Choose BafloTEX screen repair kit tape to fix your broken mesh with lower cost and simple repair:

1. Strong adhesive and waterproof: to keep the tape stick on the surface of the screen, more stable and durable.

2. Breathability& visibility: strong performance on visual distance, and keep the fresh air-flow.

3. Protective function: high/low-temperature resistant(-4℉~140℉), and the material is no harmful for your family.

4. Simple repair: easy to cut for your desired size, and simple repair steps. The adjustable tape is suitable for the broken edge of the window.

5. Longer length: cover more broken area than other tapes, the best reparation choice for your broken screen.

6. VHB adhesive: strong adhesive function with the waterproof and long-lasting stick.

Repair Steps:

1. Clean up the broken area that you want to repair.

2. Trim around the broken area.

3. Cut the tape in your desirable size.

4. Apply the tape on the broken area.