BafloTEX Pet Screen

  • DURABLE MATERIAL- the sturdy and durable pet screen mesh is made of polymer and PVC material with better pet-resistant than fiberglass screen mesh. More elastic and stronger than the normal fiberglass material. Super suitable for cats and dogs in your home
  • EASY INSTALLATION AND CUSTOMIZATION- adjustable pet screen mesh roll is perfect to be customized in your favorite size, giving the less limitation on DIY your own pet mesh
  • PROTECTIVE FUNCTION- our pet resistant screen provides the muti-function on resistant various external harmful factors, the screen mesh in size 15x10 (apertures per square inch), also contain the fire-resistant to avoid the high-temperature damage
  • GOOD PERFORMANCE ON PET-RESISTANT- if you have pets in homes like dogs and cats, our pet-resistant screen is one of the best choices for you, which provide stronger and sturdy construction on preventing tear and scratch damage from your pet, also protect the outside wild animal who damage your screen
  • VARIOUS APPLICATION- able to applied in various place such as: patio screen, window or door screen and dogs or cats. Size 36"x25'

Perfect for families with pets

  • Good visibility and privacy can be achieved at the same time
  • Various size is ideal for windows, screen doors, and special projects
  • Good tear resistance, protective doors and windows, protect your pets

You can choose:

2 Splines Optional

  • 0.125"×100' Spline
  • 0.125"x25' Spline
  • Meet your home window needs

Wooden Tool

  • 1-5/16" x 3/32"concave roller
  • 1-5/16" x 3/32"convex roller
  • Meet your installation needs

Simple and easy to install

  • Prepare the installation tools
  • Cut the screen to fit your window
  • Cut the vinyl spine to fit your window length
  • Use the rolling tool to press the vinyl spine into the gap
  • Use scissors to cut off the excess window screen